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Vantyghem carpets: a real experience space.

Vantyghem carpets: a real experience space.

Over the years, the carpet specialist from Ichtegem has grown into a renowned business with its own imports of exclusive, hand-knotted carpets.

Own import

It has now been 30 years since Peter and Michèle Vantyghem-Lambrecht started their own floor covering business. “Initially we sold machine-made carpets, supplemented here and there with hand-knotted ones that we purchased through an importer at the time. In the mid-1990s we expanded the range with laminate and semi-solid parquet. Over time, we wanted to take a more exclusive course and moved to the East to start our own import of locally produced, 100% hand-knotted carpets. Of course, you don't just hop on a plane, but it was still an exciting adventure to visit the makers yourself and fully opt for your own collection with unique pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. At that time we went to Germany once a year to choose carpets and there we made contacts with various, mainly Indian parties. Once there, we visited various companies to find carpets that met our high quality standards. And we have continued to do so to this day.”

The right environment

In the now completely renovated showroom in Ichtegem, Vantyghem can fully utilize the company's assets. “The old exhibition space was completely stripped inside and redecorated. The goal was not only to create a fresh and pleasant environment for our products, but also and especially to create an experience space. We have been known for years to assist our customers with advice and assistance, but from now on we want to do this in even better conditions. People should feel at home there to compare and choose exactly what they want in peace. A carpet provides clear added value to the interior and therefore deserves an exhibition space that clearly highlights all the advantages. By the way, not only private customers are welcome. Interior designers and interior decorators – and there have been more and more of them in recent years – also find the right environment to make a choice together with their customers. We offer a sophisticated selection of hand-knotted carpets in various shapes and sizes, all made according to our own design. We choose both classic and modern designs so that we can offer the customer a suitable solution for every interior in the form of a beautiful and exclusive, hand-knotted carpet. And just to be clear: in our new showroom there is of course also the necessary space for our laminate and parquet program, which we also install ourselves at the customer's request with our own team of experienced installers.”

Tailored to the customer

The vast majority of customers are people who deliberately choose a creative interior and do not rush into designing it exactly according to their wishes. “It often concerns people between 45 and 65 or 70 years old who have a clear goal in mind with regard to the interior. We therefore try to offer the widest possible range of our own creations, but we also offer people the opportunity to personalize their choice. This could be one of our carpets that needs to be made in a different size or a different color, but also a floor covering that they have designed themselves. We will then contact our suppliers in the Far East to perfectly tailor the desired design. As a result, we can rightly say that our choice is almost unlimited. We have all the tools to create, change, recolor, etc. designs via specialized software. Over the years we have also gained a lot of experience in this area. And for those who wish, we can also come to your home to present the carpets and provide advice. In addition to an exclusive offer, thorough and judicious advice is also highly valued at Vantyghem Fashionable Flooring.”

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