Wagah-Attari border Pakistan: het bezoeken waard.

Wagah-Attari border Pakistan: worth a visit.

The Wagah-Attari border ceremony takes place every evening just before sunset at the Wagah-Attari border.
The lowering of the flag ceremony is a daily military practice that the security forces of India ( Border Security Force, BSF ) and Pakistan ( Pakistan Rangers ) have jointly followed since 1959. It is alternately a symbol of the two countries' rivalry, as well as brotherhood and cooperation between the two nations.
The splendor of the Beating Retreat and the changing of the guard makes for a charming spectacle. The ceremony starts with a roaring parade of soldiers. Soldiers from both countries march in perfect drill, perform dance maneuvers and raise their legs as high as possible while lowering their national flags. They are paid extra for their beard and mustache policy. Loud music, nationalistic songs, singing, chanting slogans and a military display of power. As the sun sets, nationalistic fervor rises and the lights come on to mark the end of the day. The iron gates open and the flags are lowered simultaneously. The flags are folded and the ceremony ends with a retreat during which the soldiers from both sides receive a brusque handshake, followed by the iron gates being closed again.
The spectacle of the ceremony attracts many visitors from both sides of the border and causes thunderous applause and shouts to the other side of the border.
After India erected a 110m flagpole on their side in Attari in 2017, a 122m flagpole was erected on the Wagah side, a symbol of both countries' nationalistic sense of honour.
Wagah-Attari border ceremony , definitely worth a visit! Especially on the Pakistani side because it is less busy and VIP places are provided. “Pakistan Zindabad”.
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