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Anti-slip mat


ANTI-SLIP MAT is an anti-slip underlay and increases the safety of you and your environment against slipping. Thanks to its special anti-slip grid structure, carpets and runners always stay in place and do not wave or curl up dangerously. In addition to this safety aspect, ANTI-SLIP MAT is also very user-friendly:

  • Easy to cut into the desired shape and size
  • Can be used in any room where there are carpets or runners
  • Suitable for all types of floors: parquet, laminate, ceramic, marble, cork, ...
  • Extremely suitable for floors with underfloor heating
  • Light in weight and very easy to install
  • Washable (30 °C)
  • Environmentally friendly: based on natural latex
  • Increases comfort and extends the life of your carpet
  • Available in different sizes

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